Liturgical Resources

These liturgical resources will help you pray to remember, pray to lament, pray to mourn and pray for peace.

Litany in the Wake of a Mass Shooting Mar 17, 2020
A Prayer for Our Nation in the Midst of Mass Shootings Aug 06, 2019
Prayer Service of Lament for Gun Violence Mar 01, 2019
National Vigil for Victims, Families and Survivors of Gun Violence Mar 23, 2018
Service of Lamentation Mar 14, 2018
Day of Lament: Death Shall Have No Dominion Mar 14, 2018
A Day of Lamentation for Gun Violence Mar 14, 2018
A Lament for the Culture of Gun Violence Mar 05, 2018
A Litany in the Aftermath of Gun Violence (en Español) Feb 28, 2018
A Litany in the Aftermath of Gun Violence Feb 28, 2018
Remembering All Who Have Been Affected By Gun Violence Feb 01, 2018
A Vigil in Response to an Act of Mass Violence Oct 02, 2017
Liturgy for the Tragedy in Orlando Jun 14, 2016
A Litany for the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Dec 13, 2015
A Moral Call: People of Faith Confronting the Tragedy of Gun Violence Dec 13, 2015
Anti-Gun Violence Liturgies & Prayers from the Diocese of Newark Sep 20, 2013