Other Resources

Adult Education and Formation

This six-part curriculum with Bible readings and video commentary comes courtesy of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri.

This newsletter article, titled “What More Can We Do About Gun Violence?” was written by the Rev. Russ Allen and can be adapted for local use with credit to the Rev. Allen.

Advocacy and Voting Access

Changing gun laws begins at the ballot box. Visit Brady and Elect Justice for more information.

Episcopal Church Resolutions and Resources

The Episcopal Church is a strong advocate for common sense gun safety policies. The church works through its Office of Government Relations and through the Episcopal Public Policy Network. The church’s positions on Gun Safety and Gun Reform have been approved by our General Convention.

Here are individual resolutions on issues relation to gun violence:

Fact Sheets and Statistics

Fast facts about gun violence are available from some of our partners like Brady (fact sheets and statistics) and Giffords.

Common Sense Gun Legislation

For examples of some of the legislation we support, visit our partners at Brady.

Safe Gun Storage

One gun safety measure seemingly everyone can agree on is the safe storage of weapons. Learn more from End Family Fire, from Everytown and from Be Smart for Kids.

Suicide Prevention

Most gun deaths occur due to suicide. The Episcopal Church in Colorado offers resources. The American Association of Suicidology and Brady are leaders in this field.

Violence Against Women & Domestic Violence

Domestic abusers with access to guns are particularly dangerous. Bishops United supports reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (learn more and reach out to your senator.) Learn more about the Lori Jackson Domestic Violence Survivor Protection Act. Read a UN report on violence against women and girls.

Gun Violence Prevention Partners

Our partners include Brady, the Community Justice Action Fund, Everytown and Guns Down America.