A Prayer for Our Nation in the Midst of Mass Shootings

From the Rev. Dr. John Throop, Anglican Fellowship of Prayer: 

Almighty and most merciful God, we come to you with heavy hearts and troubled minds after five mass shootings in the course of one week. We pray for the victims of these shootings in Gilroy, California; Lafayette, Wisconsin; Southaven, Mississippi; El Paso, Texas; and Dayton, Ohio. We bring before you all the men, women and children who were innocent victims of these senseless and malicious men who embraced evil. May the souls of all these innocent victims, through God’s mercy find eternal safety and rest. We pray for all who are hospitalized, many still in critical condition, nearly all with life-shattering and permanent injuries. We lift all families who are facing ordeal and turmoil, and we place them into your loving arms.

We give thanks for all first responders, especially the police officers who risked their lives as they intervened to save so many lives. We praise you for the provision of so many medical specialists in the times and places where they were most needed. We bring before you the leaders of the cities and towns who gathered citizens together for peace, unity and strength.

We implore your divine help, O God, for our nation at this time. We pray that law enforcement officials will have the resources they need to protect, and to remain vigilant. We pray for our legislators to commit to sensible policies and laws regarding the ownership and use of guns, and that they also will provide resources for better mental health diagnosis and treatment. We pray that our President will provide compassionate and clear leadership to heal our national soul.

Finally, we pray for the men who inflicted such harm of others. We pray for perfect mercy and justice and, for those who still are alive, for repentance. Amen.