Praying for the People of Baltimore

A man has been shot to death here in Baltimore a few blocks from the convention center where we will gather tomorrow for the opening of the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

This happened right around the corner, but it is nothing unique. It is an everyday possibility in every small town, suburb and city in our country. In this instance, the presence of a gun transformed a difficult situation into a deadly one. Yet many of our leaders remain steadfast in opposing legislation that might challenge this deadly status quo.

Please join us in praying for the safety of the people of Baltimore, our generous host city; for the safety of all who gather for convention; and for the future of our nation, which lives constantly under the shadow of the gun. And let our prayers turn us to action here at General Convention, as we once again commit ourselves and our resources to standing against the epidemic of gun violence that has once again taken the life of another precious child of God.