We have a moral obligation to address gun violence

Bishops United Against Gun Violence, a network of nearly 100 Episcopal Church bishops, urges our cities, states and nation to adopt policies and pass legislation that will reduce the number of people in the United States killed and wounded by gunfire.

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Doing Our Part: How Episcopalians Can Respond to Gun Violence in Our Communities and States

On Tuesday, June 28, Bishops United Against Gun Violence held a meeting about what Episcopalians can do in our states to limit the damage of the recent Supreme Court ruling on conceal carry laws; realize the promise of the proposed new federal gun safety law; and respond when gun violence happens in our communities and... Read more »


Video: Praying for the People of Baltimore

A man was shot to death in Baltimore a few blocks from the convention center where the Episcopal Church held its 80th General Convention in July 2022. In response, Bishops United Against Gun Violence held a vigil near the site of the shooting.


A Death-Dealing Decision

We lament the U. S. Supreme Court ‘s death-dealing ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. The news provides us with constant reminders of how easy it is to buy a lethal weapon, carry it into a place of worship and open fire.

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Video: Gun Suicide Prevention Panel

On November 18, Bishops United Against Gun Violence gathered for a panel discussion with three leaders working to prevent gun suicides.