Our Bishops

We are an ad hoc group of over 80 Episcopal bishops who have come together to explore means of reducing the appalling levels of gun violence in our society, and to advocate for policies and legislation that save lives. Learn more about us.


Bishop Mark Beckwith Bishop Mark Beckwith, Diocese of Newark
Mark Beckwith was elected the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark in September 2006 and consecrated in January 2007. Prior to his election, Mark was Rector of All Saints Church, Worcester, Massachusetts, in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts since 1993.He also served as Associate Rector of St. Peter’s, Morristown and Rector of Christ Church, Hackensack.

Mark is a 1973 graduate of Amherst College, and a 1978 graduate of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. While in the Diocese of Newark, Mark was a co-founder of Morris Shelter, Inc. and a co-founder and first president of the Inter-Religious Fellowship of the Homeless in Bergen County, now Family Promise of Bergen County.
Bishop Ian Douglas Bishop Ian Douglas, Diocese of Connecticut
Ian Douglas was ordained and consecrated on April 17, 2010 as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. He previously served as the Angus Dun Professor of Mission and World Christianity at Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts and an associate priest at St. James’s Church, Cambridge, Mass.

Ian has written extensively on mission, missiology, and the Anglican Communion, and has provided expert commentary and opinion for national media, print and broadcast. He served on the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) as a priest and on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion from the ACC; as a bishop he continues to serve on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion. He also served on the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church but resigned after his consecration as bishop. Ian received an honorary degree from Episcopal Divinity School in May 2010.
Bishop Eugene Sutton Bishop Eugene Sutton, Diocese of Maryland
Eugene Sutton has been bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland since June 2008. Previously he served as Canon Pastor of Washington National Cathedral and Director of the Cathedral Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage. Throughout his ministry in parishes and academia, Bishop Sutton has been a frequent leader of retreats and conferences throughout the nation on prayer, spirituality and preaching.

While in the nation’s capital, he founded Contemplative Outreach of Metropolitan Washington (COMW), an ecumenical network of churches and individuals committed to centering prayer and renewing the contemplative dimension of the gospel for daily living. In addition to having published several articles on prayer, spirituality and homiletics, he is one of the contributors to the book The Diversity of Centering Prayer.


Bishop Skip Adams
Bishop Skip Adams
The Episcopal Church in South Carolina
Bishop Suff. Laura Ahrens
Diocese of Connecticut
Bishop Lloyd Allen
Bishop Lloyd Allen
Diocese of Honduras
Bishop Marc Andrus
Diocese of California
Bishop Bailey
Bishop David Bailey
Diocese of Navajoland
Bishop Scott Barker
Diocese of Nebraska
Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows
Diocese of Indianapolis
Bishop Nathan Baxter
Bishop Nathan Baxter 
Diocese of Central PA, retired
Bishop Barry Beisner
Bishop Barry Beisner
Diocese of Northern California
Bishop Patrick Bell
Diocese of Eastern Oregon
Bishop Charles Bennison
Bishop Charles Bennison
Bishop Fred Borsch
Bishop Fred Borsch
In Memoriam
Bishop Breidenthal
Bishop Tom Breidenthal
Diocese of Southern Ohio
Bishop Kevin Brown 
Diocese of Delaware
Bishop Budde
Bishop Mariann Budde
Diocese of Washington, D.C.

Bishop Brian Cole
Diocese of East Tennessee
Bishop Curry
Bishop Suffragan Jim Curry
Diocese of Connecticut, retired
Bishop Dietsche
Bishop Andrew Dietsche
Diocese of New York
Bishop Doss
Bishop Joe Doss
Bishop Andy Doyle
Bishop Andy Doyle
Diocese of Texas
Bishop Dede Duncan-Probe
Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe
Diocese of Central New York
Bishop Francisco Duque
Bishop Francisco Duque
Diocese of Colombia

Bishop Peter Eaton
Diocese of Southeast Florida
Bishop Dan Edwards
Bishop Dan Edwards
Diocese of Nevada
Bishop Ely
Bishop Tom Ely
Diocese of Vermont
Bishop Douglas Fisher 
Bishop Douglas Fisher
Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Bishop Jeff Fisher 
Bishop Suff. Jeff Fisher
Diocese of Texas

Bishop Bill Franklin
Diocese of Western New York
Bishop Michael Hanley
Bishop Alan Gates
Diocese of Massachusetts

Bishop Wendell Gibbs
Diocese of Michigan
Bishop Suff. Susan Goff
Diocese of Virginia
Bishop Daniel Gutierrez
Diocese of Pennsylvania
Hampton.Sandy II
Bishop Sandy Hampton
Diocese of Olympia, retired
Bishop Michael Hanley 
Bishop Michael Hanley
Diocese of Oregon
Bishop Gayle Harris
Bishop Suff. Gayle Harris 
Diocese of Massachusetts
Bishop Dena Harrison
Bishop Suff. Dena Harrison 
Diocese of Texas
Bishop Scott Hayashi
Diocese of Utah
Bishop Hirschfeld 
Bishop Robert Hirschfeld 
Diocese of New Hampshire

Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple
Diocese of North Carolina

Bishop Mark Hollingsworth, Jr.
Diocese of Ohio
Bishop Whayne Hougland
Diocese of Western Michigan
Bishop Robert Ihloff
Diocese of Virginia
Bishop Johnston 
Bishop Shannon Johnston
Diocese of Virginia
Bishop Knisley 
Bishop Nick Knisely
Diocese of Rhode Island
Bishop Chilton Knudsen 
Bishop Chilton Knudsen 
Bishop Ed Konieczny
Bishop Ed Konieczny 
Diocese of Oklahoma
Bishop Steve Lane
Bishop Steve Lane
Diocese of Maine
Bishop Lee
Bishop Jeff Lee 
Diocese of Chicago
Bishop Jim Mathes
Bishop Jim Mathes
Bishop Scott Mayer 
Diocese of NW Texas and
Diocese of Fort Worth
Bishop Jack McKelvey 
Diocese of Rochester, retired
Bishop José McLoughlin
Diocese of Western North Carolina
Bishop Steven Miller
Bishop Steven Miller 
Diocese of Milwaukee
Bishop Robert O’Neill
Diocese of Colorado
Bishop Todd Ousley 
Bishop Todd Ousley
Bishop Brian Prior 
Bishop Brian Prior 
The Episcopal Church in Minnesota
Bishop Larry Provenzano 
Bishop Larry Provenzano 
Diocese of Long Island
Bishop Rayford Ray
Diocese of Northern Michigan

Bishop Gretchen Rehberg
Diocese of Spokane
Bishop David Rice
Bishop David Rice
Diocese of San Joaquin
Bishop Greg Rickel 
Bishop Greg Rickel 
Diocese of Olympia
Bishop Nedi Rivera
Bishop Nedi Rivera
Diocese of Eastern Oregon, retired

Bishop Sam Rodman
Diocese of North Carolina
Bishop Sean Rowe 
Bishop Sean Rowe 
Diocese of NW Pennsylvania and
Diocese of Bethlehem
Bishop Audrey Scanlan
Diocese of Central Pennsylvania
Bishop Alan Scarfe
Bishop Alan Scarfe 
Diocese of Iowa
Bishop Tom Shaw
Bishop Tom Shaw 
Diocese of Massachusetts
In Memoriam
Bishop Alan Shin
Bishop Allen Shin
Diocese of New York
Bishop Prince Singh
Bishop Prince Singh
Diocese of Rochester
Bishop Dabney Smith
Bishop Dabney Smith 
Diocese of Southwest Florida
Bishop Kirk Smith
Bishop Kirk Smith 
Diocese of Arizona
Bishop Douglas Sparks
Diocese of Northern Indiana
Bishop Chip Stokes
Bishop Chip Stokes 
Diocese of New Jersey

Bishop John Taylor 
Diocese of Los Angeles
Bishop Cabell Tennis
Bishop Cabell Tennis
Bishop Morris Thompson
Bishop Morris Thompson
Diocese of Louisiana
Bishop Mark Van Koevering 
Diocese of Lexington
Bishop Michael Vono 
Bishop Michael Vono 
Diocese of Rio Grande
Bishop Jim Waggoner
Bishop Jim Waggoner
Diocese of Spokane, retired
Bishop Andrew Waldo 
Diocese of Upper South Carolina
Bishop Pierre Whalon
Bishop Pierre Whalon Convocation
Of Episcopal Churches In Europe

Bishop Dean Wolfe 
Rector, St. Bart’s NYC
Bishop Wayne Wright
Bishop Wayne Wright 
Diocese of Delaware, retired