The Evidence

Background Checks Save Lives…

In states where background checks are required for the purchase of a handgun, we’ve seen a reduction in gun violence across all categories. Compared with states that do not have a background check requirement, here is how they fare:

  • Fewer women shot to death by an intimate partner 38%
  • Fewer suicides with a gun 49%
  • Fewer police murdered by a handgun that was not their own 39%
  • Fewer “crime guns” exported to other states 64%

Interactive Map on Gun Trafficking

Follow the movement of crime guns in America by clicking a state

What happens when you repeal your handgun licensing law?

New research by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health shows that the repeal of Missouri’s permit-to-purchase requirement (required a background check to receive a permit) resulted in an additional 55 to 63 murders per year between 2008 and 2012, an overall increase in murder by gunfire of 23%. Read the full release.

  • Increase in Missouri’s murder-by-gunfire rate after the repeal of their background check law 23%