In the News

Wear orange today to speak out against gun violence in N.J.
By Bishop Mark Beckwith
The Star-Ledger • June 2, 2016

Wear orange to honor victims of gun violence
By Bishop Alan Scarfe
The Des Moines Register • June 2, 2016

Wear orange to stand against gun violence
By Bishop Thomas Breidenthal
Cincinnati Enquirer • May 31, 2016

Why I’m wearing orange on June 2
By Bishop Ian Douglas
The Christian Century • May 27, 2015

Fear shouldn’t compel lawmakers to do away with concealed carry permits
By Bishop Stephen T. Lane
The Bangor Daily News • May 26, 2016

Mother’s Day event held with a special message
Bishop Mariann Budde and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
WTOP News DC • May 10, 2015

General Assembly again to be front line for gun-control battle
Mentions Bishop Nicholas Knisely
Providence Journal • April 11, 2015

Episcopal Urban Caucus witnesses against gun violence in America
Mentions Bishop James Curry, Bishop Ian Douglas, and Bishops United Against Gun Violence
Episcopal Digital Network • March 5, 2015

Opinion: Require background checks
Bishop Thomas Ely
Burlington Free Press • February 11, 2015

Church leaders at Utah ecumenical vigil say ‘no more’ to gun violence
Mentions and quotes Bishop Scott Hayashi
National Catholic Reporter • December 23, 2014

Should Guns Be Allowed on Utah College Campuses?
Quotes Bishop Scott Hayashi
KUER NPR Utah • November 21, 2014

Washington voters choose gun control; huge majority in Seattle area
Mentions Bishop Greg Rickel
Seattle Post-Intelligencer • November 4, 2014

Laws that are low-hanging fruit can protect Maine, other states from gun violence
By Bishop Stephen T. Lane
The Bangor Daily News • June 9, 2014

Hearts are broken, but will is strong
By Bishop Sean Rowe
Erie Times-News • February 14, 2014

A Prayer for Action, One Year After Sandy Hook
By Bishops Mariann Budde and Ian Douglas
Huffington Post • December 13, 2013

A little child shall lead them: a year after Sandy Hook
Episcopal Café • December 13, 2013

N.J. congressmen have pivotal role in gun bill
By Bishops Mark Beckwith and William Stokes
New Jersey Star Ledger • December 10, 2013

Opinion: Obsession, worship of guns in our country ‘has become a form of idolatry’
By Bishops William Stokes and George Councell
New Jersey Star Ledger • September 7, 2013

My Take: The thin line between God and guns
By Bishop Edward Konieczny
CNN • April 10, 2013

State leaders hope gun control measures will propel national debate
Mentions Bishop Eugene Sutton
The Diamondback • April 9, 2013

Connecticut Governor Signs Gun Measures
Mentions Bishop Jim Curry
New York Times • April 4, 2013

The Rev. Douglas Fisher, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, marches in anti-violence procession in Washington, D.C.
Mentions Bishop Douglas Fisher
The Republican • March 25, 2013

Faith Leaders Demand Action
Featuring Bishop Mariann Budde
PSA/YouTube • March 12, 2013

Bishops Invitation from DC to Holy Week Witness
Featuring Bishops Jim Curry and Laura Ahrens
YouTube • March 7, 2013

Episcopal Church leaders commit to challenging gun violence
Anglican Communion News Service • March 4, 2013

WNC announces gun violence prevention Sabbath, March 14-17
Mentions Bishop Mariann Budde
Episcopal News Service • February 27, 2013

Hundreds march on Capitol Hill against gun violence
Mentions Bishop Greg Rickel
Seattle PI • February 9, 2013

Bishop Jim Curry testifies on gun violence prevention
Episcopal News Service • January 30, 2013

Bishop Responds to Obama Gun Control Proposals
Mentions Bishop Jeff Lee
Episcopal Diocese of Chicago • January 16, 2013

Faith leaders launch gun control push
Mentions Bishop Mariann Budde
Washington Post • January 15, 2013

Religious Questions From Sandy Hook: How Do We Make Sense Of This?
By Bishop Ian Douglas
Huffington Post • December 18, 2012